How to drive traffic to your exhibition booth?

Companies participate in tradeshows and exhibitions, as they are able to bring themselves to a large human traffic. However, your small business will not only be the only there, therefore, you need to stand out in order to boost traffic and expand your brand identity.

Here are a few tips on how to drive human traffic to your booth for small business:

A unique way of making your small business stand out is to offer shuttle services. Rent a bus for the day, put your business name of it and that gives you immediate exposure to anyone, especially those how are moving through crowded parking lots. For those who hitched a ride from you, they may also feel beholden to you therefore, spare you a couple of minutes learning your products. Other than that, if your booth is near the venue entrance, you can easily called the location a pick-up and drop off point. By doing so, you are able to control the experience.

If you are able to get a list of attendees who register for the event, you can easily utilise those information to contact them before the event. You have to be extra careful about this, you don’t want to annoy the attendees and make them hate you before the event. To stand out via mail, send in oddly shaped and sized postcards to grab their attention. For emails, use snail mail to bypass spam filter so that attendees will not ignore you.

Exhibitions and tradeshows are usually very crowded, confusing and it is so difficult to find a spot to just rest for a while. With that, you can provide a space for attendees to escape from the chaos by turning your space into a welcoming oasis. Offer comfy seats, small tidbits and water so that they can rest while learning about your business.

Everyone loves freebie and to drive traffic, make sure you give people what you want. As compared to key chains engraved with your logo, you should give out your best selling products instead. It is because the best way to learn a product is to sample it.

Understanding that a small business might not have too much funds to provide these type of service, but you can contact a few other small businesses and work together on that – synergy!

It’s all about marketing and being appealing to consumers!


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