Betting companies and their Australian marketing plans

Betting has gone to a whole new level. Being able to place a bet from your phone, tablet or PC, the ease and ability to do so is a scary one but an exciting one for Australian betting brands.

However the problem that exists is that there's so many of them and what are they doing to differentiate themselves?

Same colours, similar names, discounts all round. How bout a focus on a sport? How about spot betting only? How about team bets only?

Is it the fact that there are so many gamblers that the need to differentiate is unnecessary and that these companies just need to provide easy access?

Lack of innovating, dry marketing and a lack of point of difference will guarantee the fall of some within the gambling industry.

Lessons for small business? Innovation is always key. Quite often the innovation will create a point of difference for your brand by default. Finally, the way you actually communicate and market your small business brand will be key. Be consistent, clear, creative and concise.


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