Small business marketing consultant says you are wrong if you think that email marketing is dead!

Most of us have at least one email address and probably check it once a day, so why you will think that email marketing is dead?

Email marketing is a must-do activity in small business marketing, why so? Because you can get hold of the reader’s attention span without competing with others and it ensures that your message gets to your subscriber, unlike social media content which only reaches some of your followers.

Yes, I heard you saying that social media is important, but that does not mean you need to give up on email marketing. Small business owners should use both of them to achieve synergy.

You can easily announce contests or discounts via your social media platforms and email so as to gain more customer database. Through email, you can encourage existing subscribers to invite their friends to subscribe by offering them some form of discounts as rewards.

Remember to include social media icons in your emails to encourage subscribers to be your social followers too.

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