Twitter can be best friend with small businesses in Sydney

Brands that advertise on Twitter definitely have access to data and analytics on Twitter’s Ad platform. But guess what? Recently, Twitter announced that all advertisers, Twitter Card publishers and verified users would be able to access to such great statistics as well!

A twitter card will give you information such as:

  • The number of impression a single tweet reached
  • The number and percentage of engagements
  • Comparison of data to last month
  • And more…

So what does those data mean to you?

Analytics are just meaningless numbers if you do not use it correctly. You will be able to strategise your Twitter marketing efforts effectively if you utilise the numbers correctly. Proper usage of statistics can increase engagement and grow your followership. Therefore, step one to utilise it properly is to look at your engagement numbers. If a tweet about a free music got a reasonable number of RTs (retweets), shares, clicks as well as comments, those are the tweets you want more of. Use the concept of the successful tweet and build it into future tweets. So for those tweets without much activity, drop it.

Twitter’s a friend with benefits!

According to Buster Benson, Analytics Product Manager, brands that tweet just two to three times a day can reach on average an audience size of 30% of their follower base in a given week. Therefore, small businesses should tweet at least a few times on a daily basis so that you can reach more audience. To determine the frequency of tweeting for your type of audience, simply use the analytics by Twitter. Twitter is a better friend with small businesses than before as they are trying to help businesses market their brand more effectively on their platform by not retaining those useful insights to itself.


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