Why small and big business need a brand marketing focus

As a marketing consultant for small business in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia, I am always telling my clients why their business brand needs a focus.

Your brand can only stand for one thing in this cluttered marketplace. Even big businesses with billion-dollar budgets can educate people on the many facets of their unfocused brand, so what chance does your small business have to do it?

Here’s some great examples that as a marketing consultant I see, love and admire.

  • Shannons - insurance for the motoring enthusiast
  • Space for Health - The Medical Fitout experts 
  • Femme Physique - Transforming women through fitness and food 
  • Ivy Street Plumbing - Plumbers for the Strata Industry

A final piece of advice. Don't try to be all things to all people. Make your brand focused and stand for something in people's minds. Be the expert!


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