Small business marketing ideas that engage and build trust

As a small business marketing consultant, I'm always on the lookout for good ideas, sharing and praising them. I do the opposite for bad ones!!

After 11pm there really isn’t much happening from a quality television perspective, and often the quality of ads at this time match!! But last night while screening through the useless dribble that is late night television, and 2 great ads came across the screen.

The first was from OPSM. They were promoting the launch of their new Eye Check app. What a great idea. Talk about engaging your customers!!! The app helps you get a better understanding of your vision and potentially highlight where you may benefit from an eye test. OPSM, we love eyes!

Of course, the app is not a substitute for a full test with an optometrist. If the app highlights a potential issue or if you'd like to get a fuller picture of your vision, you can then book an appointment at your local OPSM for an eye test. Such a clever yet simple idea.

The other was Tip Exchange from Vanish NapiSan Australia. People can login to the Tip Exchange website and share their stories and questions on the best ways and techniques to get their stains out… another engaging tool by helping people.

So the lesson for Australian small businesses and their marketing ideas; a good idea can come from everywhere. But rather than sell, engage and build trust with your potential customers first. If the experience is right and you’ve ticked their needs box, they will become loyal customers.


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