Small business marketing advice on this Federal election

This Saturday is the Federal election and finally it is time to vote. But what has this meant for advertising and how much time and money has been put into this election campaign. In the lead up to an election everyone remembers the flooding of adverts that come our way and it is interesting to find out what this has cost.

In a recent article on Marketing Magazine Online TV is by far the favoured medium when it comes to this year’s election campaign, with 93% of the ALP’s ad spend and 96% of the Liberal Party’s ad spend going towards television advertising, but very little use has been made of radio as an advertising channel by either major party. 

So far the ALP has clocked up a $1.64 million bill on TV spots while the Liberals are not far behind, spending $1.48 million.

The article goes on to explain that the Liberal Party’s ‘Our Plan’ TV commercial, has been its most expensive TVC and was shown 523 times in the state capitals and has so far cost a reported $660,000. The party’s second-biggest campaign to date was the ‘Trail of Disaster’ TV attack ad, with a spend of $450,000 on 373 ad spots, according to The Australian

The Australian also reports the ALP spent $535,000 to broadcast its ‘If Tony Abbott Wins, You Lose’ campaign with 345 spots aired so far. It also spent $340,000 on its positive ‘A New Way’ ad, with 139 spots aired.

As small business marketing consultants in Sydney we can tell you that when there is a large amount to spend the effectiveness of the campaign has a better chance, so lets see how effective these campaign are after Saturday’s vote.


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