Small business marketing advice in Melbourne about content quality

As small business marketing consultants in Melbourne we are always on top of the latest tends in our industry and according to a recent blog on Marketing Magazine Online in 2013 brands are posting an average of 36 times per month on Facebook and over a year that adds up to 432 posts.

Now when you consider this with posts also added to a website and other mediums used by brands this is a large amount of posts. But what are people exactly posting? Is it relevant information?

As a small business you must consider the content you are posting and the relevance it has to your business. The article goes on to explain the things to consider when posting online and as marketing consultants in Melbourne we think this applies across all mediums you are using to communicate with your audience.

  • Why am I posting this?
  • Who is it for?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • When and where am I posting this information?
  • How else can I say the things I am posting?

Once you have dissected these questions and truly dig deep about your content and the quality in the posts, is the only time you should be posting. Remember what works for social media might not be relevant to your website and visa versa.



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