Melbourne marketing consultant keeping up to date with social media trends

Instagram has recently hit 150 million users active users and according to Marketing Magazine Online, Instagram that Facebook acquired in a billion-dollar acquisition in 2012, has never made a cent for the business.

Instagram’s director of business operations, Emily White has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal saying there is a plan for Instagram to begin to introduce ads within the next year.

Her challenge will be figuring out how to integrate marketing without damaging Instagram’s ‘cool factor’.

White told the Wall Street Journal,”We want to make money in the long term, but we don’t have any short term pressure [to make money].”

Working in business marketing in Melbourne, when Instagram also added video capabilities to their application we saw the popularity for Instagram grow immensely especially for marketers.

As a marketing consultant in Melbourne we think marketers are drawn to this feature because of the creative idea behind it and the endless possibilities for businesses to use the free application.

We just have to wait and see what the prospective new advertising on Instagram will mean for users and marketers.


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