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Marketing Magazine last week discusses the once-iconic imaging brand Kodak last Wednesday announced its official emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy following completion of the final steps of a restructuring process, and now faces the arduous task of winning the trust of the marketplace as a competitor in the business imaging space – as a provider of packaging, printing and professional services.

Marketing Magazine states that the brand now emerges as a technology company serving imaging for business markets, including packaging, functional printing, graphic communications and professional services.

Kodak’s Australasia managing director, Steve Venn, tells Marketing the 20-month stint in bankruptcy has been challenging but now that it has emerged, staff are excited. “It’s been a 20-month transition, with a lot of challenges along the road, with many people thinking we wouldn’t come out of it, including people inside the company thinking we wouldn’t come out of it,” he says.

Venn states, “Here we are 20 months after going into Chapter 11 – we’re still around and we’ve emerged stronger than when we entered. Of course, we’ll start promoting much, much more aggressively than we have in the past because we don’t have to worry about the stigma of being under Chapter 11.”

The companies new slogan is ‘Kodak: What’s Next Starts Now.’

As small business marketing consultants we can see the creative decision to rebrand their entire business to revitalize the brand name as well as fit into a new market with a somewhat guaranteed need for it’s new focus. 

Once a business has lost its reputation and it needs reinvigoration there is many ways to help a business get back on its feet. One of the best ways to go about it is to rebrand or create a clearer focus, revamp a brands image through collateral, web and sales techniques, create a new business name and much more.

For any questions on how you can revamp your small business and get it back on the right path.


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