Melbourne marketing consultants helping start up businesses

As small business marketing consultants in Melbourne we wanted to explain to you if you are a start up business how we could assist you.

As a start up business, the marketing help you are looking for may be one off or ongoing. What is important is that you start the marketing of your new business in the right way. As part of our marketing consulting services for start up businesses, we will:

  • Find the best ways to market your brand 
  • Assist you to bring in more business
  • Brand your business
  • Help you find ways to stand out from the competition
  • Help you with your website
  • Find a strategic way to communicate to your customers

We will achieve these business and marketing goals for you through some or all of the process outlined below:

  • Marketing Research

  • Competitor Review

  • Product and Service Review

  • Business Branding and Website
 Marketing Plan

  • Develop and Manage Marketing Activities

Right now these might sound a little broad or you might not understand how it will fit into your business but I can ensure you marketing can help your small business in many ways. For small business marketing advice in Melbourne contact us today on 03 9982 4637.


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