Marketing consultants in Sydney know the copy cat

According to Daily Mail UK daily online news source, the talk of the tech world at the moment is Facebook announcing they would be borrowing a page from Twitter's manual and introducing hashtags onto its site. 

There has been no specific date yet for the introduction, but soon Facebook users who click on a word preceded by a hashtag will bring up all Facebook posts tagged with that hashtag.

Hashtags have become an important marker for Twitter. In the past week they were instrumental during the papal conclave and even signalling the Catholic Church's newest leader #PopeFrancis and working as small business marketing consultants these hashtags are sure to bring in new opportunities for clients.

The article goes on to explain there's also a monetary angle towards the hashtag. Films, television shows, and even recording artists often use promoted hashtags on Twitter's main page. 

The Washington Post reports that 'Twitter is expected to make about half a billion dollars in advertising revenue this year, according to eMarketer. Facebook generated $4.3 billion last year from advertising.'

This is not the first time that Facebook has looked to Twitter to re-boot its image.

When Facebook launched its subscriber list it certainly seemed to be moving towards a Twitter-specific demographic.  

Similarly, acquiring Instagram last year also showed Facebook was interested in poaching some of Twitter's camera-ready users who regularly post photos of epic dinners or cute cats. 

As small business marketing consultants, this is news that we don’t find unusual as all social media so far has integrated with each other to become bigger and better.


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