Social media marketing advice in Sydney

Offering small business marketing advice we always tell our clients if we believe that Facebook will work or not for their small business. The truth is even though creating a Facebook page for your business is simple and quick it may actually not be an effective tool for you type of business. But, if it is suited to you business there are a couple of things to keep in mind after you set up the page.

As a recent article on Marketing Magazine Online states “A successful fan page takes hard work, time and effort.” This means if you are not constantly engaging with your audience and trying to gain followers that are your exact target market you are wasting your time and keeping a negative online profile.

A tip from the article is that you should find interesting material to post, ask your audience what they’d like to see more and pay attention to their comments. Facebook is a very visual platform – look at the way they have revamped and brought in the Timeline feature and the big cover image.

Approximately 6 billion photos are shared every month on Facebook. We think the social media giant is sending a clear message to marketers. Images grab attention. If you want to get maximum engagement on Facebook, definitely go ahead and use relevant images with your posts.

Be proactive in creating a two-way communication method with your audience but ensure you are not just talking yourself up the entire time you have a social media presence. For help on how to manage your social media platforms contact your small business marketing consultant. 


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