Small business marketer a little nostalgic

Last as I was watching TV I saw a new ad developed from Vegemite, which was unusual because I couldn’t remember their last ad. As a small business marketer I then read my daily dose of industry news on the Marketing Magazine website and there it was – the Vegemite ad campaign.

Vegemite has launched a new ‘START WITH VEGEMITE campaign’, which is aiming to remind Australians of the nutritional benefits of Vegemite. The campaign is the brand’s first major brand equity movement since 2011 and will run across the TV and digital space.

The campaign features two  30-second television commercials, which are aimed to ‘inspire’ consumers with ‘fresh and interesting ways to start the day with Vegemite’.

Mike Waddington, general manager marketing, Foods, says of the new brand direction: “It’s a bit like discovering a hidden talent in an old friend, we want to demonstrate some of the fresh, appetising and inspirational ways of eating Vegemite as part of a delicious breakfast.” 

“To ensure Vegemite maintains pride of place at the Australian breakfast table, we have also chosen to elevate the nutrition credentials of Vegemite through the broader campaign, re-engaging and reminding Australians that Vegemite is an important part of a healthy breakfast in Australia,” he says.

As an Aussie myself I have to say I love this new campaign and am sure it will remind people that Vegemite is out there.


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