Myth busting Melbourne marketing consultant

Marketer, Matt Michael recently wrote an article on Marketing Magazine Online about common myths about working for a big agency and there business practices which as a Melbourne marketing consultant working in a boutique environment I found really interesting to read.

Myth #1: Agencies are more fun.

Myth #2: Agencies are only interested in awards

Myth #3: Agencies are all about lunching and boozing

Myth #4: Agencies do not respect clients.

Myth #5: Ad Agencies mostly care about execution

Myth #6: Agency people are not as smart as clients

Myth #7: Agency pitch teams disappear after the pitch

Matt said this one is true, in most cases.

Myth #8: Agencies always want more business

Myth #9: Agency Christmas parties are crazy

Matt beluves this is not a myth but that they are.

Myth #10: Agencies start late but finish late

Agencies start early and finish late.

As a small business marketing consultancy in Melbourne working in a boutique style company we too have heard these myths and find it interesting to think what an insider thinks is true and what isn’t.


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