Melbourne marketing consultants learn about mums

As marketing consultants for small business in Melbourne one of our new clients to come on board is a lady who has created a new baby range of products (creams, powder, gels etc) we have been conducting broad research about mothers across Australia. According to research that Marketing Magazine have just posted about, Australian mums has revealed mothers of infants are happier than those with teenagers and the average mum is going back to work earlier than ever before.

The study was conducted by parenting website Kidspot which surveyed more than 3000 mothers earlier this year. The research showed the women’s children were their greatest source of happiness and that mums of children under one year are on average happier than mums of teenagers.

Mothers of younger children were was also more optimistic about the future and more likely to report that their relationships with their children and family exceed or greatly exceed their expectations. The main cause of stress for a mother with a child under one year was managing the household finances, whereas a mother of a teenager was found to be more focused on maintaining or achieving their ideal body weight.

The article also reveals that Kidspot also found that the majority of mums were found to be returning to work after her child turned one. A full 61% of mums elected to take the first 12 months off and stay at home with their baby, while 39% work during that period either full or part time. This reverses when the child is aged between one and two years with 60% of mums working by that age. By the time her children are teenagers, 78% of Australian mums are in the workforce.

Offering marketing advice for small business in Melbourne, we can take some useful information about what mother’s want, their trends and emotions.


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