A businesses brand is their essence according to marketing consultants in Sydney

Karl Treacher, Director of Brand Behaviour asked some of the most successful marketers and brand experts of our time what it is that keeps brands healthy, and below is the response from one expert that we agree with most.

Interbrand’s managing director, Damian Borchok, views brand health as “a brand’s ability to create value for an organisation and its customers”, and lists 10 factors that enable a brand to generate demand and value:

  • internal clarity about the meaning and purpose of the brand
  • an organisation’s commitment to build and support its brand
  • brand protection
  • responsiveness to market changes
  • authenticity of the brand
  • relevance to customer needs
  • the degree to which the brand is clearly differentiated from competitors
  • consistency with which the brand is experienced
  • brand presence across touch points, and
  • depth of understanding of the brand in the marketplace

As small business marketing consultants in Sydney we always stress a business brand and what it stands for is essential for the survival of any small business. There are many marketing strategies that can be tailored to assist with this internally.

For any questions on your brands purpose and meaning give us a call today.


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