Marketing consultants Sydney target the dads

In a recent article on the Marketing Magazine website they discuss in a recent article they have posted that unemployment, recession and the ever evolving gender roles has seen the number of stay at home dads more than double over the past decade, according to recent census data.

Small business marketing expert Rhondalynn Korolak says the knock on effect of more dads staying at home will see the increase in, ‘dad-vertising’ leading some of the world’s biggest brands to realise their commercial power and dedicate more budget to the worlds stay-at-home dads.

The article goes on to explain that according to a survey of 2400 US men by Yahoo!, more than half between the ages of 18 to 64 said that they identify themselves as the primary shopper in their household. This information is important for marketers as it a potential target market in children’s related products.

Korolak explains that, “While some research supports a distinct feminisation of the workplace in the past few decades, with more emphasis on communication, emotional intelligence and empathy, we are seeing the opposite at home – a marked ‘masculinisation’ of domestic chores, purchases and routines. As a result big brands are now changing the way they sell household products in order to stay on top”.

I know as a marketing consultant for small business we have seen this trend grow and develop in the past decade. Dads are now also primary care takers making them just as important to target when products for children are concerned. This means more advertising/marketing efforts will see men be the focus in communication.


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