Melbourne marketing consultant helps you with a media release

In a recent blog on Marketing Magazine Online, a blogger wrote an article on when to write a media release.

She wrote that media releases are appropriate when releasing news about time-sensitive issues. As a Melbourne marketing consultant we agree with the below list the blogger compiled about when it is appropriate to send out a media release.

  • Launch of a new product: you can write a media release detailing the features of your new product or hold a media launch to introduce the product to key media who may be compelled to write about it.
  • New premises opening: for example, if you’re a franchise business and you are opening a new store.
  • New client for your business: if your business wins a new client you can share your success with your industry.
  • New appointments: for example, if you appoint a new CEO of your business.
  • Winning an award: if your business wins an award you can share your success and also promote your business with a media release
  • Development of an issue or trend in your industry: for example, if you have conducted an industry survey and you want to release the findings to the industry.

Remember, all media releases must be newsworthy. In our line of work as small business marketing consultants in Melbourne we always find the right angle for our clinets and only pitch stories to media we believe is newsworthy.



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