Marketing advice in Sydney is revamping

As marketing consultants in Sydney we offer marketing advice for small business and we always base our advice on research about the business, their services/products, their competition and the overall market.

We believe in many cases if it ain’t broke don’t try fix it. Meaning is a certain marketing tool is working for you, there is no need to eliminate it but instead utilise it, update it and learn from it.

Everyone remembers the Budget Direct ad right? Well they are now utilising their old successful campaign and updating it for a new year of advertising.

The original campaign sees Budget Direct ditch Michael and Michelle (The french woman and the Aussie bloke) and replace them with aliens Zeek and Zia.

Zeek and Zia are “the highly intelligent alien couple who live next door,” according to the company’s announcement.

In a recent article on Marketing Magazine Online executive creative director of Hulsbosch, Hans Hulsbosch has this to say,  “Today, value is the badge of a savvy consumer and, certainly in the insurance category, people want to feel smart in their purchase decisions. The concept redefines the tone of insurance advertising in this country and permits Budget Direct to clearly stand apart in this sector.” 


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