Small business marketing consultants know good social media

As small business marketing consultants in Sydney we have come across some interesting news about a major company in Australia. According to the Marketing Magazine website, the Qantas PR team has announced it is ditching its Twitter account and will instead be directing customers over to their new website newsroom for information and updates.

The twitter handle @QantasMedia tweeted that it will be shut down on Friday 19 April. The account is run by Qantas PR staff and has 27,000 followers. The reason behind the closure is being put down to the fact that the airline already has a Twitter account, and a desire to condense the information it shares via social media. 

The article explains that the account was originally set up as news feed for staff to share breaking news and information with the media. Qantas will continue their tweeting from their official account,@QantasAirways, which almost has 114,000 followers.

Offering marketing for small business we have always agreed that not all social media works for all types and styles of businesses. Considering Qantas has always had a bit of a strained relationship with social media as angry customers in 2011 used social media to slam Qantas’ decision to ground its fleet after work place relations discussions turned nasty, it is not a surprise that Qantas wanted to consolidate their social media to maybe have more control over their content.

Even being a major business does not mean all social media avenues will work in your favour. Choosing targeted and related social media avenues are key and this goes for small and big business.





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