Small business marketing decides the form of advertising to best suit you

In a recent article posted on Marketing Magazines website called ‘Online video 27 times more effective than banner ads,’ it argues that a number of studies have hinted that online video ads are more effective than banner ads, but new research from MediaMind estimates that they are in fact 27 times more effective.

MediaMind says click-through rates for online video are 27.4 times that of standard banners ads and almost 12 times that of rich media ads.

These statistics might shine light on the argument but as small business marketing consultants we believe that online video ads may be more effective in some scenarios but banner ads are more effective for others. For example many brands only need short and sweet messages to communicate yet other brands might need to go down a more detailed creative path that leads to online videos.

Take YouTube as another example, when selecting a video, most of the time an online video ad pops up first and we need to endure 30 long seconds of advertisements before actually watching the video you want. Most people are likely to open another page while the ad is playing or choose the option that allows you to skip the video after 5 seconds.

Banner ads are more effective for many small businesses who need a quick and simple message being communicated as opposed to expensive long videos that work better for brands who can afford to create videos to take a chance that someone will watch it. Overall, the brand and message is the key to deciding which form of advertising is more effective.


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