Marketing consultants speak about word of mouth

As marketing consultants for small business we have learnt an important factor we need to always consider. That factor is word of mouth because it is a very strong communication tool and if you are having people talk about your brand it will always lead to a reputation. The tip is you must try having a positive reputation, especially through word of mouth, as it is such a strong tool in the market place.

Take Apple products for example; they never disappoint. Most people now have Apple iPhones, MacBook’s and iPods because of the great reputation they have from their consumers. They make simplified technology and even offer you new replacements if their products are faulty

Their brand stands apart from its competition and is highly reputable because of the hype and positive things people say about them. Their success should be admired and other brands should follow suit.

So, the tip of the day is all small businesses should keep in mind that word of mouth is a very powerful communication tool.


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