The experience of small business marketing advice

Marketing Magazine has posted SapientNitro’s Insights 2013 report, which has a prominent message from its conclusion. The message is a forecast that brands will increasingly be defined by the by the sum of the interactions and value exchanged with their target market.

Working closely with businesses as their small business marketing consultants we always stress the point that communication in as many avenues is essential.

Today, experience is the brand, write Hilding Anderson and Todd Cherkasky from the agency’s insights team and its ‘chief experience officer’, Donald Chestnut.

Experiencing a brand in many different forms is important. Having various touch points helps stay in the mind of the consumer. Touch points can include social media, websites, e-newsletters, print and radio advertising, blogs and much more.

As technology is always changing and developing it is important that all the marketing consultants in Sydney stay on top of the changes and adapt to them to help create positive experiences for their clients.

Overall, many small businesses would benefit from communicating with their audience in as many ways possible to increase traffic to their website, store and/or products.


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