Marketing consultants helping in other avenues

In a recent article posted on Marketing Magazine online, Microsoft believed that their LinkedIn page is as important as their own website. As small business marketing consultants we support this notion from Microsoft. 

At a recent event LinkedIn’s co-founder, regional managing director Cliff Rosenberg and APAC senior director of marketing solutions Olivier Legrand, Vaughan all spoke about the subject. Legrand said, “The platform provides a means to make Microsoft, a brand that touches so many audiences, relevant to individuals.”

LinkedIn can help target other professionals, as the setting is more formal than other social media sites. You can create a platform for your business to communicate what they offer or keep in the mind of consumers.

As it’s another avenue for interaction it is imperative that you use it correctly for your own benefit. By adding specialties and constantly sending out important information you can stay in the mind of the follower.

Marketing consultants would agree with this and would recommend it in any businesses marketing efforts.


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