Subtlety in small business marketing

Can marketing be subtle when communicating messages? If a message can be converted in the way a business, product or service wants without it being misinterpreted or misconstrued, subtlety is exactly what you want.

It is fair to say people don’t like the idea of being bombarded with messages from various businesses trying to promote a product or service, therefore creating the thought that marketing efforts should be a little less obvious in the way they communicate them.

On the flip side, something to consider is people admire and liken to honestly and upfront communication. Australia’s campaign to eat more lamb or pork campaigns were both as straight as they get. The campaign themselves had humor but there was not hidden message just straight to the point that Australians should eat more lamb/pork.

The art of subtlety

The art of mastering subtlety is creating powerful messages in a cool yet confident way. If your marketing communication isn’t pushy or needy, consumers are more likely to respond positively to your message.



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