Christmas time for small business marketing

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and Christmas marketing efforts are in full swing.

Working in small business marketing consulting, Christmas is a time to be as innovative as we can be with the promotions and communication we execute for our clients.

In a recent article for Marketing Magazine Online, Managing Director of Marin Software, Nick Gill wrote about online marketing for the holiday season. Working in all areas of marketing this was an interesting read that I thought I should share.

Gill explains the five best practices for online marketing, which include:

1. Prepare campaigns in advance

Once the holiday season starts it is a busy period for the clients and marketer therefore preparation is key. In advance of the holidays, be sure to build campaigns that align with promotional calendars. 

2. Adjust budgets

Efforts for promotion may increase around Christmas depending on what industry your client works in, therefore make sure there is enough cash in the budget for unexpected communication ideas that may arise closer to Christmas.

3. Refine negative keyword lists

As search volumes rise throughout the holiday season, it becomes increasingly critical that search marketers eliminate unwanted impressions that lead to unqualified clicks.

4.  Promote special offers

This is a given. To attract consumers for the end of the year sales and increase traffic for the upcoming year promote as much as you can. All promotions should be communicated internally and online through a website, social media, directories and more.

5. Develop a mobile strategy

Shoppers are increasingly using mobile phones and tablets to find deals and compare prices on the go during the holiday season. An effective mobile strategy starts by separating out mobile and tablet from desktop-targeted campaigns.

When offering marketing advice for small business around Sydney, Christmas time is always important and we try find new an innovative ways to promote our clients small business and hope to end the year with happy and thriving businesses.


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