Best practices of social media for small business marketing consultants

As small business marketing consultants it’s always great to hear what others are saying about your professional practices.

Most marketers use social media in one way or another for their clients and just like with everything in life there are negative aspects and positive aspects.

In a recent article posted on Marketing Magazine online by a communication expert Catriona Pollard she discusses four social media practices you should avoid.

Buying followers 

Many businesses have resorted to buying thousands of new Twitter followers to quickly look more popular. But Twitter is not a popularity contest, which means the quality of your followers is more important than the quantity.

Cash for social media comment

This is the practice of businesses paying for celebrities and other well-known people to tweet, post or blog about a product or service. While most people will let you know if they have been paid to spruik a product, not everyone will disclose this information.

Capitalising on a charity or natural disaster to generate more ‘likes’

It’s a great initiative when businesses use social media to genuinely raise money or awareness for a charity or natural disaster. However, some businesses have abused this practice and only focused on how it can benefit them.

Fake reviews

Concerned about getting a bad review, some businesses have resorted to posting fake reviews on online review sites such as TripAdvisor and Eatability under an alias. For example, crime writer RJ Ellory admitted to posting positive reviews about his books on Amazon, while also posting negative comments about other authors’ books. 

With our focus on small businesses we offer small business marketing advice and we too always try to explain to our clients the most effective way for us to use social media is the right way.


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