Social media trends helping with marketing advice in Sydney

In a recent article in Marketing Magazine Online Marketers have been warned to tailor their social media strategies to the location they’re targeting, with new data revealing social networking behavior varies from State to State.

The different states in Australia differ heavily in social media and web use. According to a recent study by the Yellow Social Media Report Twitter is most popular in the ACT, where its reach is one-quarter of the population. NSW and Victoria have a high volume of bloggers but Western Australia and Tasmania have a low number of bloggers. 

LinkedIn use is most used in the New South Wales and Victoria, where one in four and one in five respectively are members of the service. Elsewhere in the country, membership to the professional site does not exceed 8% of the population. 

These statistics are due the different states in Australia have various trends, social norms and socio economic factors. 

Interesting enough though Facebook is the only social network to achieve an entire country uptake, with near 100% usage in each Australian state. 

As small business marketing consultants these statistics are very interesting and also helps us keep in mind what social media would work best for our clients.


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