Marketing consulting keeping up with the changes

According to the writer Paul McIntyre, TV advertisements are fighting for relevance and survival because the new United States head of media buying group Starcom Media Vest.

Many movie producers are turning to television as they can create multiple story lines and generate higher revenue. Therefore, marketers are trying their hardest to change conventional 30 second ads with new and innovative formats. 

For example, have you watch a reality television series such as the popular series, Keeping up with the Kardasians? If you ever have, you would have noticed that the show has limited advertisements but throughout the episode it will cut for a few seconds to show an advertisement that promotes the director, producer or network. 

Another example is when Covergirl opted out of 30 second ads and chose to buy 1 minute blocks of airtime in America’s Next Top Model and created entertainment style short stories that aired during the show.

As marketing consultants for small business we believe this new trend is quite clever as marketers have known for a long time now that conventional 30 second advertisements have very limited affect on consumers.


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