A marketing consulting perspective on tweens and branding

 As marketing consultants for small business, we have worked with clients who have products directed at tweens. Working with clients such as this we have learned how important branding is and the influence they have on tweens.

According to ‘Brand Child’ written by Martin Lindstrom, tweens have a deeply passionate relationship with brands and that a tween will almost every time choose to wear a branded t-shirt as opposed to a plain style t-shirt.

Strategies implemented by marketing consultants when dealing with tween products need to build up a brand for it to be an exciting, cool and the latest product a tween will want and must have to reach popular status.

Lindstrom concludes that tweens use banding to express their personalities, stand out from the crowd as well as to fit in with their friends.

Ultimately, building a brand relies on connecting to a persons emotions and triggering the correct positive effect. Therefore, all marketing efforts must be strategic in a way tweens feel as if they need a product because these brands need tweens on their side to grow and reach credible status.


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