Coles playing the marketing copycat game poorly

I've always preferred the marketing campaigns of Coles over Woollies....until now. In the last couple of weeks, Woollies' new campaign focuses on their brand positioning of "the fresh food people"...a brand positioning they have had for 25 years. As part of the the campaign, they are showing old TV ad campaigns mixed in with new ones....reinforcing their brand positioning.

And now, Coles have released a campaign saying that "there's no freshness like Coles freshness"??? I don't know why Coles are trying to compete with the same positioning as Woollies....they should be competing (or not competing) on a different level to Woollies. Their new TV ad actually looks like a Woollies ad too!

Is this another example of an ad agency or internal marketing team not thinking about the Coles brand, but just about their ego? The lesson from your small business marketing consultant this week is to try to position yourself differently to the's about the battle of the mind, not the ego!


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