Niche markets for small business marketing

The best marketing advice for small business is that all campaigns need to be targeted. If you target a niche market you are better off in creating a successful campaign.

Deciding which niches to target
In a recent article posted on Marketing Magazine Online they discuss how to decide which niche market to target. The article explains that the marketplace is filled with countless niches that could be your potential customers. However, not all niches are made equal and a good marketer will be able differentiate between the niches worth pursuing and those better left alone.

To ensure that you’ve chosen the right niche to market to, ask yourself:

1. Is this market big enough to warrant our attention? Will this market grow in future?
2. Does it fit with the client’s values and resources?
3. What does the competitive landscape look like? Is there a competitor targeting the same niche whom you cannot beat?
4. Are there niches you haven’t thought about to tap into?

Working as marketing consultants in Sydney, we agree that any campaign needs to be tailored to a particular audience or the message will be ineffective. This is especially relevant when dealing with small business marketing as their audience is obvious.


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