Marketing consultants need to always be one step ahead

According to the Financial Review columnist Will Glasgow, new technology has shaped the way people are watching the London Olympics.

Foxtel is broadcasting 1100 hours of live footage of the Olympics and to top that they have created a London 2012 iPad application. The application has 135 000 users, which allows them to view results, Foxtel’s program guide and view live and on-demand video footage.

Director of Communications Bruce Meagher said, “ 190 000 video streams per day have been recorded after the first week of the London Olympics.”

This new application has surely shaped the way people are tuning into the Olympics as well as proving people want to watch live footage of sports as opposed to delayed broadcasts where they may already know the sports scores.

As most marketing consultants in today’s society almost always consider social media in any marketing advice and plans they deliver to their clients, it is evident that new social media emerges around any new trend or world wide phenomenon, like the Olympics. This means in today’s fast paced society new technology and media will be evolving and getting introduced on a regular basis to keep up and take advantage of the latest phenomenon.


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