A creative perspective from small business marketing consultants

Rowan Dean from the Australian Financial Review writes, “creatively ‘intrigue’ in advertising is a good thing. It heightens anticipation about the selling message, thereby increasing its impact and cementing it into the brain.”

This means in any message you try deliver should try have intrigue as to what you are exactly trying to communicate and the last couple of seconds of an add or the end line in a campaign etc. should always sum that up. It is then the audience’s job to connect the creative with the end message.

The point is to persuade without giving away the strategy from the beginning to get people thinking and talking about your creative work with your product or service being in their minds.

No matter what industry you are in or what you are selling, creative is a vital part of your business and any small business that needs small business marketing know that.

The message you are trying to convey with the help of your small business marketing consultants will try to creatively reach your target audience with an effective yet creative message to help market you and your business.

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