Terrible Telstra branding campaign is another lesson for small business

Lots of colour, plenty of messages...but they wanted a simpler message to consumers! Well they have just created 3 colours as part of their branding (actually each colour then has up to 2 or 3 shades). How about the TV ad...I think you need 3D glasses and be living on a remote island to appreciate it. Are the colours there to represent their divisions? Their services? Their audience? Who knows. Whatever they're trying to communicate "simpler" just isn't working...they're not making it very obvious, that's for sure. If you want customers to spend hours figuring it out, then they've definitely nailed it!

Nothing against Telstra (my office runs on Telstra phone and internet services...hopefully after today too!), just their new brand campaign. I really don't know what they're trying to achieve. All I read was that they want their customers to know that they're doing things differently. Ok then. Could think of a few other ways to communicate this.

Remember one thing. The most important piece of advice I provide to my clients as their small business marketing consultant is however or whatever they are trying to communicate, make it blatantly obvious, forget riddles and games. People don't have time for mind games or Sudoku like branding campaigns. Just spell it out!


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