Small business perceptions - PM has a horrid one!

Bungled migration Issue. Craig Thompson scandal. Back stabber. Carbon Tax. Internal rumblings. Poor dress sense. Patronising and annoying. Perceptions are bad...really bad. Pauline Hansen doesn't look so bad now....neither does Kevin Rudd

Perception is everything in the political landscape, and unfortunately (or fortunately) for our PM, she is doing it all wrong. She speaks to her electorate like we're all in pre school. It doesn't take good leadership to lie to your electorate or stab others in the back. Sure, its been done before, but by leaders who could lead and had positive perceptions that made people forget the bad. She has nothing positive. Lower polling than Rudd had when she stabbed him. Lower than John Howard before he was ousted after 10 years in the big chair.

Whether she lasts to the next election or not is irrelevant, because after that she's finished. Perhaps they're just using her to get the carbon tax through, then let her fall. What goes around comes around. As a small business marketing consultant working with changing perceptions every day, here's some words of wisdom to the PM and her consultants. Show leadership. Be strong. Don't allow others to bully. Get a strong walking style. Lose the script. Talk with confidence...from the heart and brain. Therein lies the problem.


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