Small business need a mammoth category opening

How good is Mammoth. I mean the Milk, not their ads. To be honest, from a small business marketing consultant perspective, who cares about their ads. Forget about whether they're creative or not, cool or not, look old or not. These are all the comments I've read on Mammoths launch from everyone in big agencies who know nothing about strategy. How about the fact that Mammoth is communicating what it stands for; a flavoured milk that gives you energy. The creative doesn't have to be a complicated when the strategy is right.

People believe that ads have to be cool and creative because a brand that has an ever ending supply of competitors with no point of difference, and they believe creative ads will save the day. Never have, never will. Strategy first, creative second.

Energy sports drinks market, flooded. Energy fizzy drinks, flooded. Energy milk drinks, opening. Creating a category and being a leader in it. I actually think they're onto a winner. Finally a company who's marketing will work because they've looked at the marketplace and found an untouched category....and created it. 


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