The power of public relations for small business

If you're a small business and you're looking at communicating it (after you know what you do, what your brand focus is and you know what you want to communicate and to who), as a general rule (without knowing your business and disclaimers left, right and centre) from a small business marketing consultant perspective, I would suggest that you turn to public relations. Why? Well there are a number of reasons.

As a broad description, public relations is having others talking about how good you are versus you telling everyone how good you are. This is a good start. In an over communicated and cluttered society, people are too busy to look for options, but would rather be spoon-fed or told what their options are. Reading, hearing or being told about their options is generally a good tool for this communication.

Secondly, public relations can be inexpensively done internally or by a public relations expert that focuses on small business (giving ourselves a plug - our new company division, so excited!!! - Thirdly, to show current and potential clients that you are generating talk (for good reasons) can only put a positive spin on your small business and brand.


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