Female or not - a small business marketing consultant perspective

Before I begin, you should know that I have worked and sat on boards with some very bright and intelligent females. All of these women were chosen for their ability, not by their sex.

Like in our every day, over communicated lives, we get thrust with messages down our throats that we quite often ignore. If we choose to act on them, it's because they have validity. Every day I read about actions to push women in the workplace, on boards, quotas, etc. This communicating is often perceived as "what about us" syndrome. People should be selected based on their ability to fit into a workplace, fit into their role, oh and of course on their ability. Prime doubt many voted her in just because she's a female...that worked out well?!?!

Yes, the culture of an organisation should be open to equal pay and equal promotion. This will only happen by those within the organisation and won't be helped by people like Kristy Fraser Kirk (who's now looking for a job in Singapore because no one would hire her in Australia!!!). All the experts thought her case would help women in the workplace, I believe it's done the opposite. Finally, as a small business marketing consultant in Sydney, here's some advice for women promoters out there... it's not about the boys club, it's about ability, working together, getting the job done with minimum fuss and trust. Male or female.


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