Qantas - a positive branding lesson for small business

As a small business marketing consultant, it's always interesting to read what 'experts' (non marketing ones) say about the impact that the closure last week had on the Qantas brand.

To continue as they were would have shown a lack of leadership by Qantas. To be led astray by the unions would send Qantas packing and into the ground. From what we hear, the unions want a say on business strategy. Why not get them into Qantas marketing planning meetings as well and let them run the Qantas brand?To stand up to the unions shows the strength and leadership of the man (Alan Joyce) and the brand. 

And what about the shareholders? Perception of the brand plays a huge role in the financial marketplace. People want a brand that leads, shows strength and makes big decisions for its longevity.

The core of the Qantas market understand why Qantas did what it did to the fleet. I have no doubt that the Qantas brand will forge ahead stronger then ever when the dust settles. Long live Qantas, the Spirit of Australia.


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