Christmas time opens up small business marketing opportunities

Whether it be a Christmas lunch, Christmas card, e-card or an over budgeted Christmas party, the festive season opens up a realm of marketing and communication opportunities for you and your small business.

In general, any communication with your current clients is a good one. Whether its day to day interaction on a work front or email banter on a personal level, communication with your client isn't a bad thing. This year we chose to have lunch and affiliated beverages at a clients restaurant in Manly.

With great weather, it allowed clients to mingle and take a load off for an afternoon. It allowed them also to the see the culture that we have as an organisation and the types of clients that we have on board...all very similar, all small businesses, and all keen to push their businesses forward.

As a marketing consultant for small business, it was great to see interaction between clients and staff on a personal level. Always positive for business.


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