The marketing of small business staff

Recently a small business client of mine based in Sydney embarked on an exercise involving a review of his staff and the perception they give off to potential clientele. So as to not divulge confidential information, lets call my small business marketing client "Frank".

Being heavily involved in the process as Frank's small business marketing consultant, I sat with Frank to understand the 'perception" that he wanted his staff to portray. Was it an intelligence perception, a caring perception, an experienced perception, a sales perception? After all, perception is created from communication, and marketing is communication.

In discovering Frank's goals for his staff, we then created a "blurb" of which his staff could use as a starting point in discussions with potential new clients. Once we created these "marketing communication starting points", we then gave his staff presentation skills training and some of the key items that were required in speaking to their potential clients.

Just like all of your small business marketing and communication "tools", make sure you have objectives and execute correctly, and if you need small business marketing advice from a marketing consultant, ask for it.


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