Small business finding their point of difference

Last week I spent an hour with a group of financial planners, each of which have their own small business. As a small business marketing consultant in Sydney, I was invited to discuss various small business marketing topics to the group, focusing more on the digital side of things and specifically getting small business websites working for people.

The usual question of "how do I get to the top" always arises. The question that needs to be asked before this is "what is it that you want people to type in to find you?".

As a financial planner, competition is endless, so finding your uniqueness on service offering, audience as well as location is critical to finding some point of difference.

This small business marketing mentality stands for all businesses, Sydney based or otherwise, big or small, regardless of industry. Doctor, dentist, construction company or financial planner.

Generally, the same rules apply. As a small business marketing consultant based in Sydney, its the same questions that arise every day. Find your difference people!


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