A great small business marketing client

It's not often in a relationship between a consultant and client, regardless of the industry, where both "sides" are more than happy to share the spoils of great results and success. Well, as a small business marketing consultant based in Sydney, I have a great example for you and thought I would share it.

Around 3 years ago, we were engaged by a small business, of which themselves has been in business for over 25 years. They wondered at first why they would need "marketing", but like most small businesses, this mentality came from a lack of understanding of the real meaning of marketing for small business. It meant finding a position in the mind of current and potential cleintele, staying true to the position and of course, communicating this focus.

Once we got through the real meaning of marketing and defined their business, it made the progress a great journey. Of course, bumps on the way, but through perseverance, trust and ownership from both sides, it has been a working relationship that doesn't really feel like work. As a small business marketing consultant, we are accountable for all of our advice and works, and vice-versa, my client for the information and IP they provide to us.

A great team, great results, a true partnership based on knowledge, understanding, accountability and trust.


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