Building your small business credibility

As a small business marketing consultant based in Sydney (our ever over communicated city), the one thing I always tell my clients is that it is always better when someone else talks about how good they are versus them blowing their own trumpet. 

Everyday we are communicated to in so many different ways, whether it be via email, SMS, phone calls, websites, banner ads, tv ads, print ads, events, social media or old calls, the list goes on and on. To be able to stand out a little, we need to at least be credible and have others talking on our behalf. Whenever you get referred to a hairdresser, a mechanic or the local restaurant, you're always willing to at least listen or read about it from someone versus seeing their ad in the local newspaper.

To take your small business marketing a little further, having someone in the media back up how good you are always ads further credibility to you and your business. Whether you hire a small business marketing consultant to assist you to get others talking about you, or you do it yourself, always put yourself in the consumers minds and think what it is they would like to hear. As for the media person, well what's so special about what you're doing for them to want to write about you?


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