Small business marketing planning is key

This week my team and I will be meeting with at least 4 small businesses in an attempt to help them get out there and get more business. From a property valuer, a financial planner, a coffee supplier and an accountant, they all have one thing in common apart from being small businesses. None of them have the time nor expertise (in some cases) to be doing it all themselves and need the management, guidance and helping hand of a small business marketing consultant to show them the most effective strategy and action their plans.

As we now move into the new financial year, we are in the process of planning clients' activities for the next 12 months so they know what their activity and spend will be, allowing them to budget and plan accordingly. Whether it be creating a marketing plan, finding their core positioning in the marketplace, newsletters, building a website, creating a new logo, creating radio ads or getting their website working for them, they are all ways to get out into the marketplace depending on their business and their spend.

Not every tactic works for every business, that's why effective planning, not just financial planning, but activity planning, is key. Know what the objectives are, what you are trying to communicate and how you're going to do it before it all begins.


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