Small business marketing consultant hits some client runs via social media

As a sceptic of social media from a personal perspective, I must admit, as a small business marketing consultant based in Sydney, it can pay dividends from a business perspective. How I hear you ask? Ok, here's how.

Like all of my clients, one of my clients has a brand that is very focused in terms of its audience, location and offering. As a result, as part of his marketing activity in 2011, we utilised Facebook as a touchpoint to potential clients via an offering that cost him buckleys, yet opened up doors that probably would have taken years via other mediums.

There was something in it for the end user, a simple and relevant offer. It was a warm introduction that broke down the barries of formal presentations or money spent on cold calling brochures stuffed in a letter box. 

Targeted, relevant, focused....a well thought out idea that is reaping rewards.


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