We love our small business marketing clients

There was a time in our business that we had clients who thought they knew more than we did. Then I asked myself, "why are they paying for our services if they think they know better". No longer, we don't work with businesses like that anymore. If you're one, stay away!

At the end of last week, I sat back and looked at the productive week we had, the new range of clients on board and how much our clients are working with us to achieve their business and personal goals, clients that want to listen to experts and trust in our advice. They're the clients that we love, and they're the one's that see the best results. No surprises here.

As a small business marketing consultant, I get pleasure out of seeing the results of my advice and I get the pleasure out of seeing my clients happy. My clients see that every penny spent has seen a return on their investment. Why? Because they have listened to an expert and trusted the advice. It certainly does take two to tango! We love our clients, we really do!


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