Small business marketing consultant making communicating easy!

In the last week I have met with a number of small businesses who are quite successful in their own right, but are just not great at communicating what they do. All were looking for a small business marketing consultant to help them with the best way to do this. In the past week I've met with an electrician, a property consultant and a company in the construction industry.

When I say not great at communicating what they do, I mean, what they're specialty is and what makes them the obvious choice over their competition. Without giving too much away, each of them had a particular focus in either what they did and who they targeted, but just didn't communciate it.

The electrician was a home automation expert, the construction industry company were specialists in demolition and the property consultant was great at providing residential valuations. Sounds easy? How much easier is to communicate that you're a home automation expert than saying you're an electrician? Less competition? Absolutely! More a of specialist? For sure! Easier to find on Google because of the new focus? You bet! 


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